Needle Felting for Beginners – First Project Ideas

ideas for beginner needle felting projects

Written by Rosie

Rosie has been needlefelting for almost five years. She used to be a doll maker but is now dedicated to learning all she can about needle felting and she also teaches felting workshops in the Leicestershire area.

October 25, 2019

Needle felting is a great craft. It’s possible to make anything your mind can conceive, but in order to not feel defeated in the early stages of learning it’s best to stick to making things that are relatively simple.
Here are a few examples of perfect first projects.


If you read my blog on EQUIPMENT you’ll see some information about TUBES FOR WRAPPING WOOL. In this case you can use a simple pencil to wrap your wool and pull it off to felt into a stalk. You then need to pull out one end of the stalk so that it forms a type of bud so you can add more wool to it to make the shape of the cup/top of the mushroom/toadstool. After you have the size and width of the cup you can add a layer of colour on top. To finish you can glue a circle of thick card to the base so it stands well.


For these you start with a small ball of felted CORE WOOL, you then felt/attach orange wool to the centre (where stalk will be) and pull it down to the centre of the bottom and felt/attach in the same way. You then felt an indentation all the way down either side of the strip. As you repeat this all the way round you’ll get the ridges that you see in the picture. The strips shouldn’t be uniform because the irregularity of size makes the pumpkin look natural.


A simple way to make little birds can be made by shaping the wool into a ball, then adding more wool to make the head shape and beak. Your birds can be hung with embroidery thread sewn into the top of the head.
If you need ready made bird feet please visit my shop. Buy them in sets and save. They’re great for all types and sizes of felted birds.

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