Needle Felted White Raven


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This needle felted White Raven (Leucistic) has pale blue glass eyes.
Handmade by me, Rosie, in my wee studio.
This is the sixth White Raven in this style that I’ve listed. (I love making corvidaes)
This White Raven has a full wire armature so he can stand strong.

Height, as posed (from floor to top of head) measures 8.5 inches/22 cms
And from tip of beak, along head, down back, to very tip of tail feather measures 12 inches/30 cms

Making Ravens is probably my favourite past-times. They seem to come alive as they’re created, and take on a personality of their own. It seems that each time one is sold I make another, because I can’t be without one in my studio, watching over me!

I hope you love him as much as I do!