Personalised Memorial Christmas Robin Bauble


Shipping in January 2021!

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“When Robins appear lost loved ones are near.”

We hear so many stories of comforting Robins appearing during times of bereavement.

This sweet Robin can be personalised with a NAME and DATE(S) of your choice.
(Complete at checkout by adding note.)
White paper heart with printed NAME and DATE(S) on Brown Kraft Card Tag backing.

The perfect memorial keepsake, and/or hanging decoration.

Life-size Robin Bauble will brighten up your home this winter and spring season, and through the year.
Handmade, needle felted with 100% softest pure wool.

ROBIN: From tip of beak to tip of tail 5ins/11cms.
WIRE: 8CM/3ins
HEART: 4.5CM/1 and 3/4INS x 4.5CM/1 and 3/4.5ins